Hugo Keizer works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has a Masters in Physics and worked for many years as a computer programmer.
Currently he works freelance as a photographer and as a teacher.

This website shows work made using a small torch with colorfilters in complete darkness (except for Watercolor - which was made in extreme low light). As a result the models had to sit still for approximately 30 seconds to a minute. The camera used is a 4X5" field camera. Sometimes more images are layered to get one image.

Hugo Keizer
A torch with color filters.

'Frozen Flowers (or we'll be fine)' is about the hunt for perfection and a glamorous life. It resulted in a book (still available). 'I am a Watercolor, I wash off' is a famous frase from Ann Sexton when left by her lover. 'Double Frozen Two' is one of the longest series. Every image is a layering of two images with an exposure time of one minute.

Hugo Keizer
The 4X5" field camera.

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